Hair Styling Course

Hair Styling Course


Career Opportunities:

As a hair stylist, there are a variety of career opportunities available to you. Here are a few potential paths to consider:

1. Salon Stylist: You can work in a hair salon, offering services such as haircuts, coloring, and styling to a diverse clientele.

2. Bridal and Special Occasion Stylist: You can specialize in creating hairstyles for brides and their bridal parties, as well as for other special events like proms and graduations.

3. Celebrity Stylist: You can work with celebrities to create unique and on-trend hairstyles for red-carpet events, photoshoots, and more.

4. Editorial Stylist: You can work with photographers and models to create hairstyles for magazine shoots and fashion shows.

5. Platform Artist: You can work for a hair care brand or product line, demonstrating techniques and showcasing hairstyles at trade shows, events, and seminars.

6. Educator: You can work for a beauty school or hair care brand, teaching aspiring hairstylists the skills and techniques needed to succeed in the industry.

7. Business Owner: You can open your own salon or freelance hairstyling business, managing your own clients and team of stylists.

Course Details 

-> We will help you to succeed as a Hairstylist.

-> We will help you to learn strong technical skills, creativity, and excellent communication and customer service abilities.

-> Our academy also provides students with access to the latest tools and technology in the industry, ensuring that they are well-equipped to succeed in their future careers as hair stylists.

-> Whether you are in an unplanned situation or not, this course is ideal for individuals of all generations.

Covered Topics

  1. Crimping
  2. Ironing
  3. Wavy Curls
  4. Tong Curls
  5. South Indian Bridal Style
  6. Miss India Rolls
  7. Messy Bun
  8. Smooth Low Side Bun
  9. Side Swept Curls
  10. Flowery Bun
  11. Phool Jada
  12. Fish Braid
  13. Messy Pakistani Braid
  14. Side Sweep with a Puff and Bun
  15. Makeover
  16. Hairstyle with Extensions

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